About Us and Our Team

Instead of approaching things with a “one size fits all” mindset, we focus on delivering solutions that are tailored to a small number of industries. Doing this means we can deliver quality solutions that are guaranteed to help your business stand out. Our team are focused on results and have the talent and the experience necessary to help your business realize its goals.

Matt Shetler
Owner / Director of Sales

Jason Fritz
Owner / Chief Marketing Officer

Dianne Keck
Mortgage and Real Estate Social Media Expert

Dianne is originally from Chicago but is now an Arizona resident. She has been in the real estate industry for 14 years now and has been an active Arizona licensed realtor for just over 3 years. She loves spending time with her son exploring what this amazing State has to offer.

Michelle Heid
Marketing Associate

Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Michelle has lived in California and in Hawaii before making it back to the Phoenix area to be closer to her family. While in Hawaii Michelle discovered her love for long-distance running and has completed several half marathons. She has been in the healthcare industry for just over 5years. Michelle has a love for photography and uses those for her work here at Arcadia Marketing Agency.